Fuel Her Ambition, Spark Transformation

The Srijan Program is Empower Foundation’s tech-leveraged solution aimed at bridging the gap between women micro-entrepreneurs from the informal sector and access to credit for scaling their businesses. We provide Returnable Grants (RGs), a flexible and affordable source of credit for financing the various working capital requirements of micro-entrepreneurs. Srijan utilizes your donation to provide uniform micro-grants of ₹20,000 to program beneficiaries. The disbursal of an RG is followed by a 60-day moratorium period. The repayment of the RG is scheduled across 5 monthly installments and upon full and final repayment, the RG is once again circulated into the program where it is re-allocated to another woman micro-entrepreneur with similar financing needs.

This cyclical design allows an RG to impact 5-7x the number of women when compared to a simple grant or loan. Your contribution to Srijan, regardless of the size of your donation, will have a significant impact on equipping women entrepreneurs with the necessary resources and support to flourish. By opting to support the Srijan program, you are not simply investing in businesses; you are investing in the future of communities, economies, and forthcoming generations.

Come, join us in our goal to provide returnable grants to 1000 businesswomen this year!


The Srijan program is backed by cutting-edge technology in its implementation. Program operations are digitized end-to-end via YOUVATI- a mobile app dedicated to the cause of empowering women micro-entrepreneurs, incubated by our parent entity. Youvati supports women entrepreneurs operating in the informal sector by providing a comprehensive suite of services such as-

Through the provision of these service offerings along with the creation of opportunities in procuring finance, Youvati takes form as a women-centric platform aiding livelihood generation through entrepreneurship.

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