Women micro-entrepreneurs may apply for returnable grants (RGs) through a hassle-free procedure on the Youvati app. Their application undergoes a detailed screening procedure that studies the applicant’s business, socio-economic condition, knowledge, vision, & ability in operating their business, along with the documents submitted by them. Based on the observations made, beneficiaries of the Srijan program are identified.

A returnable grant is a flexible and grantee-friendly financial instrument, aimed at preparing a micro-entrepreneur to access formal credit in the long run. This requires a facilitative environment which is created by an ethically binding source of credit. Our model, which banks on such a moral commitment towards making the RG available to others in need through timely repayments, has so far witnessed a 92.5% repayment rate.

Unlike a simple grant, a returnable grant revolves from one beneficiary to another, hence multiplying the impact created by your donation over time. The repeated granting of a single RG ticket over 5 to 7 times incurs an increased operational cost than that tied to a simple grant. A minimum donation of ₹2500 covers the operational charges attached to circulating returnable grants through 5 cycles of disbursement.

Srijan measures its impact and success through various indicators such as the number of businesses supported, income levels, repayment rates, and broader socio-economic outcomes. Regular monitoring and evaluation activities help track progress towards achieving the program’s goals and objectives

Yes, Empower Foundation is an 80G certified not for profit organization, which allows it to issue tax exemption certificates for donations made toward Srijan.

Yes, your support towards a woman micro-entrepreneur’s cause may extend beyond donating to Srijan. You can volunteer to become a mentor with the Empower Foundation, offering personalized advice and guidance to RG beneficiaries looking to scale their businesses.

Youvati streamlines the entire procedure of applying for a grant. An applicant may request for a RG and upload all required documents onto the application form made available on the app. Youvati also allows the applicant to track the status of their application and provides the beneficiary with a repayment schedule which can be tracked on the app once the RG is disbursed. Beyond financial assistance, recipients of RGs may avail other features offered by Youvati- upskilling workshops, business & marketing tools, mentorship, and networking opportunities.