Kiran is an awareness generation program through which we aim at building knowledge and raising awareness for facilitating the empowerment of vulnerable groups. Kiran sessions are meant for people facing the onslaught of socio-economic

The objective of the entire initiative is to make people aware of the existing social issues and to give them the courage to stand against various forms of exploitation. We have been implementing this initiative for the past one year and it has been highly appreciated by target beneficiaries.

Target beneficiaries of Kiran

Kiran sessions aim at the dissemination of information and thus can be implemented for people from diverse walks of life. However, we are keen to work with the following beneficiaries. Empower Foundation conducts Kiran sessions with both women and men to bring about a holistic change in the society where both genders are empowered to create a better tomorrow for India.

Till now, we have successfully conducted almost 141 sessions across 13 distinct locations of the in the following states:

  • Delhi
  • Haryana
  • Punjab
  • Maharashtra
  • Haryana
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat

Our ultimate aim is to extend the scope of conducting these awareness sessions across the country.

The Objective

Empower Foundation aims to achieve the following objectives through Kiran



  • To identify the issues and concerns of the communities
  • To build awareness of basic rights and information
  • To break silence around various social taboos
  • To build participants’ capacity to stand against exploitation



To build participants capacity to stand against exploitation

We have organized Aadhaar card camps in some of our target communities to get free Aadhaar cards made for the underprivileged population.

We distributed free sanitary napkins in the communities to motivate women to use sanitary napkins during menstruation.

Few participants were assisted in getting connected to the criminal justice system to bring an end to their sexual exploitation or to stand against domestic violence.