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We believe that progress does not promise that all aspects of life will improve at the same time or at the same rate and that there could be many ways to help people tackle and solve challenges.



Empower Foundation works with the vulnerable sections of the society especially with women through well-strategized impactful interventions in the areas of literacy, livelihood generation, dissemination of public information, and advocacy. These programs focus on the overall capacity building of the participants in order to make them self-reliant and self-sustainable.

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The literacy program works on the model of ‘functional literacy’, which means that, the module is set in a manner which would only be focusing and helping them to manage their daily activities and safe-guarding them from getting exploited and harassed.

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Kiran which means a ray of sunshine is significant to this program’s concept. It is an awareness generation program that focuses on empowering marginalized groups by creating interactive sessions with the audience while disseminating information and knowledge. 

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Empower Foundation in partnership and association with Empower Pragati implements this program. The organization works with corporates by effectively executing the CSR initiatives of these organizations. Empower Foundation also conducts programs impacting social issues in the field of skill development, women welfare and empowerment, vocational training and education.

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SANKALP is an initiative funded and implemented by Empower Foundation It is designed to assist the individuals who have lost their employment and livelihood in the covid 19 pandemic, but has the urge to start afresh.

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Bebi Kumari, Saharanpur

Bebi Kumari, a successful HER&NOW Project participant, now runs a profitable bag-making business from home, with support from the organization. She currently produces 3-4 bags daily, earning a 20-25% profit margin, and generating Rs. 30,000 in revenue in August. She plans to expand production, offer third-party manufacturing, and provide employment to other women in her village.

Sonam Saini, Moradabad

Sonam Saini, a courageous entrepreneur from Moradabad, specializes in brass utensil trading, a field predominantly male-dominated. Thanks to the HER&NOW program’s support, she’s expanded her business significantly, achieving Rs. 40,000 in monthly sales with a 25% weekly profit margin. Her goal is to reach more retailers and consumers, boosting her enterprise’s revenue.

Maya, Silvassa

Maya, an illiterate woman, once felt limited and exploited, but after joining the Badlaav course, she acquired essential literacy skills and now believes that village women can learn to read and write with a little guidance, empowering them for a brighter future.

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