Success Stories


Lataben Sureshbhai Bhaskar is one of the residents of Khadi Pada, in Silvassa. She is a 33 years old woman with sheer will to bring some important changes in her family. I know you must be thinking what kind of changes and dreams she is thinking about? Hold your nerve for a few minutes, and keep reading forward to know more about her and her dreams

Manishaben Sanjaibhai Ziminiya

During the second or third year of her marriage, she came to know that her husband was suffering from mental illness. Gradually as time passed by, it kept growing and its repercussion was that it affected their married life. Her husband used to torture her and due to which he never had given her due respect. As a result, she had decided to leave…

Sumitraben Ramjibhai Soliya

The fire to do something in life had always been there in Sumitraben. But due to family constraints, she had to follow her family’s wishes and got married at a very young age, which dampened all her dreams. But due to certain circumstances and situations in her life, a blessing came in the form of a disguise in her life, when she met the communit