Lataben Sureshbhai Bhaskar is one of the residents of Khadi Pada, in Silvassa. She is a 33 years old woman with sheer will to bring some important changes in her family. I know you must be thinking what kind of changes and dreams she is thinking about? Hold your nerve for a few minutes, and keep reading forward to know more about her and her dreams!

Lataben had got married to Suresh Devi Bhaskar (a hardworking man who loves to take care of his family and also is currently earning member of the family). But due to his friend circle and other acquaintances, his life got surrounded with alcoholism and due to which he started wasting his money in the same. Since the day he got hooked on alcoholism, his skills were declining and there was a change in the behaviour towards his family, and it got worse day by day. She  joined this program to learn about the basics of reading and writing skills along with acquiring the maximum information and knowledge on how to curb such issues in the society. Her dream is to help her husband by bringing him out of alcoholism.

According to her this will not be an easy task for her, as she needs proper recognition and little power in the community to create an alcohol-free community. She said if she gets into local PRI bodies, then she can have that opportunity to at least motivate youths and especially male members of her society to stop alcoholism.

Till now her training experience is amazing and she is very hopeful about this Project. It has helped her in helping her daughter in her studies, who is in her 5th standard in a local government school.

“Eak abharan mahila potana baalak ne khawano aapi sake che pan aeney yogya bhawaishya aapi sakti nathi…jethi ae baalak ne bija upar nirbhar rehwa pade che…jiyare maata shikshan prapt karelu hoetoh baalak nou ssarwangi vikas kari yogya saksham banawi sake che”

Translation- “An illiterate mother can work and provide food to her kids but if she is not educated then her kids will always be dependent on other people, and upbringing of kids can be more valuable if a mother is educated”