What is a returnable grant?

A returnable grant provided under The Srijan Program is an innovative financial
instrument that provides short-term, affordable, and flexible working capital loans to
women looking to scale micro-enterprises owned and operated by them in the Indian
informal sector.
Core features of our returnable grants

0% Interest

No Legal Obligation To Repay


Flexible Terms of Repayment

The innovative aspect of this tool of finance lies in its cyclical nature which leverages a
donor’s contribution to empower a broad spectrum of women entrepreneurs. When one
entrepreneur repays the grant amount, it is seamlessly redeployed to support the next
beneficiary in line. Although there is no legal obligation to repay, a strong sense of moral
commitment drives our beneficiaries to honor their repayments. This ethos fosters
accountability and fuels a collective desire to uphold the program’s integrity. The women
entrepreneurs safeguard opportunities for others and perpetuate a cycle of empowerment and
inclusion via timely repayments. This collective effort serves as a catalyst for nurturing
women-led enterprises across diverse sectors, contributing significantly to broader economic
growth and gender equality. ”