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Kiran Impact Assessment

Kiran is an awareness generation initiative which aims to bring about a change in the mindset and perspectives of the masses. Empower Foundation attempts to bring about a qualitative change in the society and thus it would be difficult for us to provide measurable or comparable data. However, our reach highlights our story of success. Empower Foundation is implementing this initiative since year 2015. However, during 2015-16 we did a pilot project and currently we are implementing Kiran across 14 distinct locations. Till now, we have impacted the lives of more than 930 women.

8 No. of sessions conducted

2015 – 2016

79 No. of sessions conducted

2016 – 2017

146 No. of sessions conducted

2017 – 2018

Verbatim of the participants

We have recorded the feedback of the participants in the form of verbatim due to the low level of literacy among the participants. Verbatim for few sessions are

Santosh is a 27 year old enthusiastic woman who lives in Village Karoda and has attended all the sessions under Kiran initiative. She said, “I have never heard about budgeting in my entire life before attending this session. But didi taught me a simple way to make budget for monitoring my monthly expenses. I hope this month could be different from other months and I will be able to save Rs. 50 – Rs. 100.”

Murti is a 61 year old woman from Village Karoda who has imbibed the patriarchalvalues due to the kind of socialization she has received. After attending the session on sexual harassment & its prevention she said, “I have always believed that rapes happen only when a woman gives wrong indications to a man. But after attending this session my opinion has changed. A 4 or 5 year old girl is not mature enough to give wrong indications to a man but didi told us that even child gets raped. It’s mindset of a purpetrator which compels him to rape, not a woman or a girl or a child.”

Bimla is a 30 year old woman who showed keen interest in the sessions. She said, “I have never thought that government has constituted so many rights for women. I am feeling empowered after becoming aware of my rights. I will try to use this knowledge in every day situations so as I don’t get oppressed because of being a woman.”