Nidhi Gill

I am Nidhi Gill. I am a teacher by profession and as a teacher I believe that each individual has the responsibility to impart some knowledge among the people to help them grow and evolve in their lives. Knowledge dissemination is a powerful tool to transform any society as it help people to develop new perspectives.

I was always keen to volunteer with an NGO to work towards addressing the issue of ignorance but it was difficult for me to find the desirable volunteering opportunity with many NGOs. I am glad that one day I came across a Facebook link of Empower Foundation which was offering a volunteering opportunity to all. I started my journey with Kiran a year back and this is one thing which gives me satisfaction of paying back to the society.

Empower Foundation made me visit new places located in the interiors of Rajasthan and Haryana. Each Kiran session has enabled me to receive blessings from hundreds of those women who learnt something new through the sessions. Empower Foundation is an organization who is rigorously working to bring about change in our society and I am glad that I am contributing in this process of creating empowered society. I must suggest that whenever any of you feels that you want to do social work in real sense then reach out to Empower Foundation and get involved in their project implementation.

Reny Jain

I am a lawyer by education. Soon after entering into this profession I realized that my heart does not lie here.

I landed with Empower Foundation by chance as a friend of mine was going there and have asked me to join. Empower Foundation has made me realized that how necessary it is to work on grass root level. There is so much ignorance out there in the urban slums and rural areas that people are not even aware of the fact that government has constituted some rights for them. Women are largely exploited as despite of the presence of laws and police that they don’t know how to interact with the stakeholders involved in our criminal justice system.

Interacting with women coming from a background which is totally different from mine is very rejuvenating. I love that despite having so little, these women haven’t lost zeal for life. Listening to their experiences and how they have surrendered to the cruel ways of life and how they themselves are becoming a part of this cruelty towards their kin is spine chilling. But I have seen that there is a desire to change among people. I am motivated to see that each one of them is encouraged to get their equal place in society. After each session, I feel that even if I have managed to change one mindset then I have changed one household.  I feel I am paying back to the society in my small way.

Empower is doing a great job. It is passionate to educate less privileged sections of our society.It’s a way to pay back to the country who has given us so much.

Moushumi Dutt

I am a communications professional who loves and believes in the power of communications. I have spent close to two decades as a corporate communications professional working for leading global brands like Intel, GE Money and Philips.

As a volunteer with the Empower Foundation, I hope that my communication skills will help in building and crafting the right messages for the audience that the foundation engages with. This volunteering opportunity is helping me in learning the life skills or skills for a lifetime from the communities I am visiting and engaging with.

Vishal Sisodiya

Due to financial troubles at home Vinay had to discontinue his studies after completing his Class 12. It was somewhere around this time when he heard about the ‘Saksham’ training center in Ayanagar and decided to join.

Vishal said that Kiran initiative is an amazing and inspirational opportunity to all those who are looking forward to volunteering in social sector. I had an absolutely fantastic time while interacting with the target beneficiaries of Kiran. I took sessions on financial inclusion and it gave me a chance to reach out to economically weaker section of the society and enable them to understand the way to do budgeting for managing their finances and increase their savings.

Kiran is a project which provide immense amount of learning to the participants by engaging them in participatory techniques like discussions and activities and that’s what has helped me in to connect with the people from different communities. I would like to remain associated with Kiran for longer period of time.

Program Kiran Volunteers

Rupa Rath

It is an amazing experience to work as a volunteer in Empower Foundation. It gave me an opportunity to understand the real issues and challenges faced by women in different rural areas! It also gave an opportunity to interact, deliver, educate women on various sensitive and challenging topics, affecting women in our society. the design of the sessions are very informative, structured and insightful. The team of Empower Foundation is Supportive! It has given me a platform to contribute towards helping to build a better society.

Vidya Tulsidharan

Vidya is a HR consultant who has more than two decades of work experience and is currently managing projects in competency design and technology based behavioural assessments, HR process improvement & efficiencies, transition coaching and HR analytics.

Vidya has joined us 6 months back as a volunteer and till now she has assisted us in implementing Kiran sessions at three different locations.

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