Home Manager

Home Manager

Domestic workers lies in the most exploited workforce of our country who are often denied the basic employee rights. Empower Foundation provides skill development training to women according to the guidelines set by National Skill Development Corporation. This training course transforms women to become efficient Home Managers who have an increased bargaining power in their employer-employee relationship.

Empower Foundation ensures that we provide job placement to all the Home Managers while ensuring that they get all the social security benefits as an employee. Empower Foundation takes pride in the fact that we have skilled almost 575 Home Managers and provided employment to 350 of them.

Target Audience of the Program

Home Manager Program is open to women (aged between 18-45 years) who are:

  • Domestic maids, Underemployed or Unemployed
  • Neo literate or semi literate (Min Class 5th pass preferred)
  • Financially disempowered
  • Physically Fit

Training Program

The Training duration ranges from 7 to 30 days (Minimum 40 hours) based on the candidate’s profile. Empower Foundation has developed an intensive training schedule to cover all the components required for the trainees to become effective home managers. Course includes Life Skills & Personality Development, Financial Literacy, Basic English, Housekeeping, Home Maintenance, Basic Cooking, Child Care ( optional) and Geriatric Care (optional).

Facilities & Logistics

Our training centers are equipped with all the modern home appliances like oven, washing machine, fridge, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher etc. to provide a more practical-based training.
The Training is free of charge and includes comfortable boarding and lodging facilities.

Placement Process

Before the Placement process begins we get police verification done for the HM and also help her get her bank account opened. To ensure that the Home Manager gets the right placement where her skills are fully utilized for her future growth. A dedicated Relationship Manager maintains constant liaison with the Home Managers to address their concerns and issues.