Joys of Learning – Badlaav!

We are pleased to share the glimpses from our Project – Badlaav! It was the certificate distribution ceremony held after the successful completion of this project and Yes! Definitely, the transformation we wanted to see was there in the women of ALLAHABAD Village Bhagwatpur.


The purpose of the intervention is to increase the level of functional literacy among illiterate adults residing in our society. The motive is not just to bring the focus back on adult literacy but to help the target group in basic day to day functionality and to protect them from exploitation/harassment.


The non-formal education model for this particular program aims to be as useful and practical as possible. The model aims to digress from theoretical learning which is usually practiced in a formal setting. Instead, it wants to focus on practice and activity oriented learning which will help the target group in their day to day functionality problems.


Badlaav was piloted in April 2018 and the first batch passed out in June 2018. We certified 25 women post successful completion of their training. All the participants were given red dupattas to spread love and joy in the lives of our empowered soul sisters.