Case Study: Saksham


Case Study: Saksham

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar lives in Ghitorni, Delhi. He has 4 siblings. His father is an employee at a private company and his mother is a home maker. His family’s monthly income is about twenty thousand and with such a large household, making ends meet was difficult.

Due to financial troubles at home Vinay had to discontinue his studies after completing his Class 12. It was somewhere around this time when he heard about the ‘Saksham’ training center in Ayanagar and decided to join.

When he had first joined, he had no clue about what career path to follow. All that he had in mind was to get a job soon so that he could support his family. He was always eager to learn and worked hard in class. He was a regular student all throughout the 3 month long training programme and a steady improvement was noticed in him during the first few weeks of training itself. The classroom activities and daily interactions with classmates helped improve his confidence levels and he soon began to aspire to achieve something in life.

After completing the course he gave his first interview at PVR, Vasant Kunj and was selected. He had joined in June at a CTC salary of Rupees 10,000. Initially he found it extremely difficult to cope with the long hours of work and night shifts and was on the verge of quitting. However, he continued as he wanted to work there for at least a year before looking for a new job. His perseverance was rewarded sooner than he thought and within a month his salary was increased to Rupees 15,000 per month. This hike motivated him to work harder and seek increased growth in the same company.


At the tender age of 15, She lost her father in an accident and has been brought up by her mother ever since. Even after this tragic incident, she did not lose her confidence and enthusiasm for living a good and happy life. She wanted to support her mother and younger brother and came to Saksham in search of a job. She was advised to enroll into the 3 month long training programme as it would help her have a better shot at achieving her goals. She completed the training programme with great sincerity and is today working with Absolute Recruit India Pvt Ltd. as an \


Stephen, is a talented 22 year old with the potential to achieve towering heights in the field of his talent. He is a very talented artist but failed to gain recognition for his art due to which he often felt subdued. Both his parents are daily wage labourers he wanted to help them run the family. On hearing about the Saksham’ training programme, he decided to join as it guaranteed him a job. He was a shy and hesitant student and usually kept to himself. Slowly, as he began to open up to his classmates, he began to show his artistic talent to them. He received the much needed from his fellow batch mates and this boosted his confident immensely. He realized that is he was able to attain some amount of financial security he would be able to take his talents to greater heights. He worked hard during the training programme and is today working as a Team member with CCD.

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