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By Empower Foundation / 15, October 2019

Empowering Through Education

Imagine you had no education and could not read or write. How difficult would your life be? This is the frightening reality for over 750 million adults in the world, two-thirds of whom are women. An important project in India is addressing this issue by empowering illiterate adults through education. Education issues in India  The Constitution of India states … Continue reading “Empowering Through Education”

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By Administrator / 25, July 2018

Joys of Learning – Badlaav!

We are pleased to share the glimpses from our Project – Badlaav! It was the certificate distribution ceremony held after the successful completion of this project and Yes! Definitely, the transformation we wanted to see was there in the women of ALLAHABAD Village Bhagwatpur.   The purpose of the intervention is to increase the level of functional … Continue reading “Joys of Learning – Badlaav!”

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